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President – Lionel Pfister

Vice President- Gerrie Reitsma

Captain – Bill Steyn

Vice-Captain – Paul Marais

Treasurer – Ian Harries

Ladies Captain – Judy Coyles

Additional members:

Johan bekker

Kurt Brunner

Hannelize Upsher

Hennie Groenewald

Eddie Whitehead


The village of Kleinmond developed over many years from humble beginnings, by farmers and the likes that built holiday homes in this rather exquisite part of Southern Africa.

The village continued to grow and with the passage of time many influential people retired here, amongst others some keen golfers.

(Opening of Kleinmond Golf Course January, 1992)

During 1988 a meeting was held, attended by some 30 people, in a private house with the object of establishing a Golf Club. An interim committee was elected to facilitate the process and during 1989 a Public Meeting was held to obtain the blessing of the Home Owners, Rate Payers and other relevant parties.

During December 1989 a formal Committee was elected consisting of prominent people like:  Mof Terreblanche, John du Toit, Charl Krige, Willy Stevens, Francois Malherbe and B. Basson. Alan Martindale was later co-opted onto the committee and he played a leading role over many years in the management and running of the Club.

With the assistance of many others these gentleman were instrumental in the final planning and approvals for the establishment of Kleinmond Golf Club.

During 1990/1991 the Golf Course was constructed and by Easter 1991 the first Golf Day was held on a very rough new course.


The Clubhouse was a "caravan" parked next to a fairway.

(Ernie Els, FW de Klerk, John Bland, Mof Terblanche)

During 1991 and old "abattoir" was acquired form the Kleinmond Municipality and transformed into a very basic Clubhouse.


Members signed personal surety-ships to finance this "luxury". On 8 January 1992 Mr F.W. de Klerk (then State President of the Republic of South Africa) formally opened the Kleinmond Golf Club and Clubhouse.  At this time the club had approximately 40 members.

From humble beginnings Kleinmond Golf Club has grown to a Club with +/- 450 members. Monies generated by golfing activities over the last 12 years or so have financed all improvements to the Golf Course and Clubhouse. Many visitors (both local and international) frequent the Club and some 60% of income is derived from this source.

(Old 12th Hole)

Kleinmond Golf Club is visitor friendly and the philosophy of the Club is to provide a memorable and affordable experience to both members and visitors alike. All the club's members enjoy exactly the same playing rights in all competitions. We are proud of the fact that men and women compete on equal footing in all our competitions.

The success story of Kleinmond Golf Club, which has become an integral part of Kleinmond and surrounding areas, can be attributed to the enthusiasm, efforts and loyal support of our members, visitors and Committees since 1992.

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