The name of the Club is Kleinmond Golf Club.
The Club will consist of no less than 35 ordinary members (As defined in Article 10 of the Constitution).
The word “Club” as used in this Constitution, shall include the Clubhouse, the Club personnel, Club equipment, Club grounds and the term “member” shall include men and women.
4.1 The club is deemed to be a separate legal entity from its members.
4.2 The Club shall have sole jurisdiction over its own assets and shall under its own name be empowered to:
4.2.1 As Complainant, Defendant, Applicant, or Respondent in any legal action pertaining to the club.
4.2.2 Own any moveable or immovable property and have jurisdiction over any legal transactions with regard to such property.
4.2.3 Conduct and manage its own affairs.
4.2.4 Accept and receive any gifts or contributions of whatever nature.
4.2.5 Distribute by means of a loan or investment any funds over which it has jurisdiction.
4.2.6 Entertain any loans and vouchsafe any security as required in respect of such loans.
4.2.7 Hire any moveable or immovable property.
The Club is established:
5.1 To exercise the bona fides, and general aims and functions of a Golf Club and Sports Club and to undertake such activities which are reasonably necessary and/or incidental to such aims.
5.2 To purchase or hire such ground and/or equipment applicable to the purpose and function of the Club.
5.3 In accordance with the conditions of the prevailing Liquor Act, to sell or trade in alcohol, mineral/sparkling water, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, matches, and other related products, as well as other relevant goods and golfing equipment and to carry out the business of a restaurant/tuck shop and to obtain the necessary statutory provincial and municipal licenses and permits for such trade.
5.4 To be affiliated to the official Golf Unions of the region.
All assets, funds and profits of the Club shall be used solely to the benefit of the Club and not to the advantage of any individual.
The rules of the game of golf shall be “The Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R & A Rules Limited”, subject to, however, such amendments, alterations and additions as are deemed necessary in the opinion of the Committee to suit the local conditions and circumstances, subject to the condition that such amendments, alterations and additions shall not be in conflict with the afore-mentioned rules.
No person who resides within a one hundred and forty kilometre radius of the Clubhouse shall be eligible as an honorary, temporary or reciprocal member, with the exception of:
8.1 Such person occupies the position of public office, or is a bona fide candidate for membership of the club, or who has rendered outstanding service to the club or who has benefited the club in an exceptional way; or
8.2 The Committee is of the opinion that such privileges of membership shall be awarded to such a person whilst he is engaged in a competition or match.
The application of this Constitution is subject to the changes and amendments applicable to the conditions of the Liquor Act. Should any of the conditions of the Constitution be in conflict with any such definition of the Liquor Act, such definition of the said Act shall so far as may be necessary automatically apply to the Club and be considered as included in the Constitution.
In agreement with the provisions of the Liquor Act membership of the Club may consist of the following members:
10.1 Honorary President
The committee is empowered to elect one or more Honorary Presidents. The term of office of such an Honorary President shall be on the recommendation of the Committee and shall be ratified by the members at the Annual General Meeting.
10.2 Honorary Life Members
Any person who in the opinion of the Committee has rendered exceptional service to the committee may be invited to become an Honorary Life Member of the Club. The committee shall put such recommendation before the Members for ratification at the Annual General Meeting.
10.3 Other Honorary Members
The Committee is empowered to invite any person to become an Honorary Member of the Club, under certain conditions and for a period to be determined by the Committee. Such Honorary Membership shall not exceed the period of one year, with the exception of the Committee renewing such Honorary Membership at the end of the year. The appointment shall be ratified by the members during the Annual General Meeting.
10.4 Ordinary Members (Full Members)
In order to become a member, Ordinary Members shall meet the conditions of membership as set out in Article 11 of the Constitution. Ordinary Members shall be entitled to the full privileges and facilities of the Club and may vote at all Annual General Meetings. All membership fees, subscription fees and any other prescribed fees shall be fully paid up.
10.5 Country Members
Any person who is an ordinary member of any other club and who is permanently resident outside a 140 kilometre’s radius of the Club House, is eligible as a Country Member. Such a member shall be liable for the applicable subscription fees and membership fees and shall not be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
10.6 Temporary Members
The Committee shall have the right to grant Temporary Membership to any person who:
10.6.1 has made a bona fide application to become a member of the Club and whose application has not to date been ratified by the Committee; or
10.6.2 a bona fide participant in a match or competition on the course for which he/she has paid the prescribed fees. This shall be applicable for the period for which the fee has been determined.
10.7 Visitors
10.7.1 Visiting players: A visitor to the Club who is a member of any recognized golf club may be classified as a visitor, provided he/she has paid the prescribed fees. Such person shall be afforded the rights of a Temporary Member for the period for which such fee is applicable.
10.7.2 Social Visitors: A Social visitor who wishes to make use of the Club facilities must be signed into the Visitors Book by a member of the Club and such member shall be responsible for the social visitor.
10.8 Absentee Members
Absentee member shall be deemed to be members who have left the Republic of South Africa or who have been transferred to other parts of the Republic of South Africa for a period of no less than twelve months. Such member may apply for a reduction in membership fees and the outcome of such application shall be subject to the discretion of the Committee.
10.9 Non-Playing Members (Social Members)
Such Members may have use of the Club’s facilities but will not have the right to vote and shall not be permitted to make use of the golfing facilities prior to payment of the course fees as set out by the Committee. No handicap shall be assigned to such non-playing member. Non-playing members are subject to the requirements as stipulated in Article 11 of the Constitution.
10.10 Scholars and Student Members
In order to obtain membership, Scholars and Student Members must comply with the conditions as prescribed in Article 11 of the Constitution. Scholars and Student members of the Club may make use of the Club facilities, with the exception of such areas prohibited in terms of the Liquor Act. Membership Fees, Subscription Fees and Green Fees will be determined by the Committee. Scholars and Student Members shall make application for membership on a yearly basis together with documentary proof
of his/her status as scholar/student. When such membership expires, application shall be made for full membership. Membership fees shall be determined by the Committee.
10.11 Membership for Spouses
Spouses of members must comply with the provisions set out in Article 11 of the Constitution in order to acquire membership. Members of Spouses shall be entitled to full privileges and use of facilities of the Club and may vote at all Annual General Meetings. Full membership fees are payable and reductions on full membership fees will be determined by the Committee.
10.12 Business Members
Companies who have countrywide business interests may apply for Business Membership. Such Membership shall be compliant upon the Company at the time of making payment of the annual membership fees, submitting a list of the names of all its representatives. The Committee shall determine the applicable membership fees for such companies.
10.13 Life Members
Life Members are members who at the motivation of the Committee purchase such Life Membership. Such members shall have rights of Full Members, regardless of where such member has a handicap.
10.14 Five Day Membership
Five Day membership is compliant upon the requirements as set out in Article 11 of the Constitution. Five Day Members may only play from Monday to Friday. All entrance fees are payable. A discount on the annual subscriptions will be determined by the Committee.
10.15 Senior membership
Senior membership will be offered to members who are between 65 and 70 years and have rendered a minimum of 10 years unbroken membership. Discounts on annual membership will be determined by the Committee
10.16 Veteran membership
Veteran membership will be offered to members who are over 70 years of age and discount on annual membership will be determined by the Committee.
10.17 Ex-officio membership
The Committee shall, at its discretion, have the right to grant to or withdraw membership to the Club Manager. Termination of employment shall terminate ex-officio membership. Ex-officio members shall be entitled to such privileges as may be from time to time be determined by the Committee
11.1 Application for membership must be made in writing on the prescribed application form and must be accompanied by the Membership Fee as well as the Annual Subscription Fee for the first year.
11.2 Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by one life or ordinary member and be seconded by one life or ordinary member. The proposer and or seconder of the candidate must satisfy at least two committee members of the acceptability of the candidate and introduce the applicant to two committee members. The nominated committee members must sign the application form as an indication that these procedures have been fulfilled.
11.3 A candidate who has been nominated in the aforementioned manner shall be officially notified thereof and can be provided with a copy of the Constitution. Should a candidate’s application be unsuccessful, a refund of the prescribed fee as set out in Article 11 of the Constitution will be made to such candidate.
11.4 The signature of any candidate for membership on the prescribed application form will be regarded as a clear indication that the applicant accepts that he/she is bound by the regulations of this Constitution. This is applicable for the existing and any future regulations that shall be made by the Committee and no person shall be exempted from transgression of the rules on the grounds that a copy of this Constitution has not been received.
11.5 Should it come to light that any Member has supplied false information of any form to the Club, the Committee maintains the right to summarily dismiss such Member. A refund of a portion of the Membership fee, if any, will be made at the discretion of the Committee.
11.6 The refund of Membership fees and/or Annual Subscription Fees or portions thereof in the course of a normal resignation is a privilege and not a right, and the amount, if any, of such refund will be at the discretion of the Committee.
11.7 The Committee may at its discretion request the candidate to appear personally before the Committee in order to consider such application.
12.1 The Membership Fees and Annual Subscription which are payable for the various membership categories will be determined by the Committee from time to time and be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.
12.2 The Annual Subscription for members who join during the course of the year, will be determined by the Committee.
12.3 Annual Subscriptions are payable on or before 1 March of each year.
12.4 Should a member not have paid his/her annual subscriptions by the last day of March of any given year, the Committee will be obliged in accordance with the provisions of the Liquor Act, to terminate such membership.
12.5 The Club Manager will furnish the names of persons who have not paid their annual subscriptions by the last day of March to the Committee. These persons will be advised in writing of the termination of their membership.
12.6 The Committee may suspend or extend the period relating to Membership or Annual Subscriptions for all categories of membership, a specific office or period of membership. Such changes shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.
13.3 The Ladies Captain will be elected at the Annual meeting.
13.3.1 Ladies Captain will elect a Ladies Vice-Captain and three additional ladymembers, who shall, together with the Ladies Captain, form the Ladies Committee; and
13.3.2 report on and decide matters of interest to the Ladies Section
13.4 The Ladies Committee has the right to determine rules to control and regulate the Ladies Section; provided that such rules are not in conflict with anything contained in this Constitution.
14.1 The Club Official responsible shall keep an official register of the names and addresses of each Club Member
14.2 General Notices to members shall be posted on the Club’s notice-board and shall be deemed as binding to each individual member.
14.3 Any Special notice posted to the address of a Member as reflected in the Official Club register shall be deemed to have been properly delivered and as such binding.
14.4 The onus rests on each Club Member to notify the Club immediately of any change of address.
15.1 Composition
15.1.1 The Committee
(a) The Club will be managed by a Committee consisting of the following officials:
(i) The President
(ii) The Vice President
(iii) The Club Captain
(iv) The Vice Captain
(v) The Ladies Captain
(vi) The Treasurer
(vii) Five Additional Members
(b) The Committee shall be under the Chairmanship of the Club Captain. In the absence of Club Captain, the Vice-Captain shall preside as Chairman. In the absence of both the Captain and the Vice-Captain, a suitable Chairman shall be elected by the Members present.
(c) The Committee shall be elected by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
(d) The Committee may co-opt an additional member to the Committee. Such co-opted member shall however not be entitled to vote at such meetings.
(e) Should a Committee Member resign or be unavailable to stand, the Committee may co-opt a Member to take his/her place. In this instance the co-opted Member will have full voting rights for his/her term of office.
(f) Anyone nominated to serve the office of the Committee must be either a Full Member, Life Member, or Honorary Life Member of the Club.
15.1.2 Office Bearers
(a) The President
(i) The President is elected for a period of two years.
(ii) The President shall preside as the Chairman of all General Meetings. In the absence of the President at the General Meeting, the Vice-President shall act as Chairman.
(b) The Vice-President
(i) The Vice-President is elected for a period of two years.
(ii) In the absence of the President at the General Meeting, the Vice-President shall act as Chairman.
(c) The Club Captain
(i) The Club Captain is elected for a period of one year.
(ii) The Club Captain shall serve as Chairman at all committee meetings and is entitled to representation and full voting rights at all sub-committee meetings.
(d) The Vice-Captain
(i) The Vice-Captain is elected annually.
(ii) The Vice-Captain shall act as Chairman of the Committee meetings in the absence of the Captain.
(e) The Treasurer
The Treasurer is elected annually.
(f) Additional Members
Additional members are elected annually.
(g) The Ladies Captain
The Ladies Captain is elected annually.
15.2 Election of the Committee
15.2.1 The Members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote of the Ordinary, Life and Honorary Members of the Club.
15.2.2 Candidates for the election shall be nominated in writing by a proposer and a seconder and accepted in writing by such nominee. Such nomination shall be placed on the Club notice-board no less than seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
15.2.3 Candidates, proposers and seconders must be Ordinary Members, Life Members or Honorary Life Members of the Club.
15.2.4 Outgoing Executive Members are eligible for re-election without being nominated.
15.3 Procedure at Committee Meetings
15.3.1 The Committee shall hold regular Committee Meetings and any Member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without obtaining leave of absence shall be removed from office.
15.3.2 A quorum shall consist of four elected Committee Members.
15.3.3 The Captain is the Chairman, or in his absence, The Vice-Captain. Should both be absent a Chairman shall be elected from amongst the Members present.
15.3.4 Should the Committee be unable to reach consensus, then a majority vote will determine the outcome. The Chairman will have a casting vote in the case of a stalemate.
15.3.5 The Secretary, who shall be nominated at the first meeting of the new committee, will keep accurate minutes of all decisions that are taken by the Committee. These Minutes shall be kept in a dedicated Minute Book and the Chairman and the Secretary shall sign all approved Minutes.
16.1 The Control and Management of the Club
16.1.1 The Management of the affairs of the club and the aims for which it has been established, rests in the hands of the committee, who is empowered to carry out such powers of the Club, as per the regulations as set down in the Constitution at the Annual General Meeting. Such empowerment shall at no time permit any previous committee decision to declare invalid that which has already been approved.
16.1.2 The Committee may from time to time, co-opt any person, be he/she a Member of the Club or not to act as an assistant should the Committee require help in any matter that concerns the activities of the club. A C-opted Member is entitled to participate at all meetings and Committee Meetings and enjoy all privileges as determined by the Committee as a Committee member, save that such co-opted Member will not be entitled to have voting rights at Committee Meetings.
16.2 Delegation
After due consideration the Committee may delegate any of its rights to a sub-committee that shall consist of one or more of its Members and/or Members of the Club. A Sub-committee shall in the execution of such delegation comply with the such regulations as are laid down by the Committee and within the Constitution. The Captain shall act as ex-officio member of all sub-committees.
16.3 Empowerment
Without deviating from the general powers of the Committee, it shall also be invested with the following powers:
16.3.1 To open any bank, savings bank, or other account with any approved financial institution and to conduct any business that is to be determined, and to draw, sign, countersign, endorse, negotiate, or issue any bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques or other transferable or negotiable transactions. All cheques or other documents which have bearing on the property of the Club, shall be signed by two or three persons nominated by the Committee.
16.3.2 To utilise and manage Club Funds within the Income and Expenditure of the Annual Budget with the understanding that changes to the design of the course and the structure of the Club buildings must have the approval of not less than two thirds of the members with voting rights present at a Special Meeting or Annual General Meeting. The Committee has the right to borrow funds from a financial institution in the name of the Club to meet such needs.
16.3.3 To set down, modify or revoke any regulations necessary for the management of the Club provided that such regulations, modifications and revocations are affixed to the Club notice-board at least fourteen days prior to the commencement of such changes.
16.3.4 To institute, defend, carry out, compromise, or take to arbitration in the name of the Club, any case which affects the Club, with regard to the affairs of the club, in
the case of legal processes, actions, processes, claims, dunnings or appeals against the Club.
16.3.5 To purchase, sell or negotiate deals on all equipment, supplies, liquid and solid matter which are required by the persons who utilise the Club and to operate or permit the operation of a restaurant and/or refreshment room.
16.3.6 To appoint, suspend or dismiss any official or employee of the Club and to determine their salaries, benefits and duties and to provide the necessary training.
16.3.7 Full authority is vested in the Committee to determine all fees and dues.
16.3.8 To grant permission to non-members to make use of the Club subject to the conditions that is laid down by the Committee or to refuse such permission at the discretion of the Committee.
16.3.9 To arrange and hold competitions and tournaments and to make any special arrangements in this regard.
16.3.10 To arrange the conditions of reciprocity with other clubs.
16.3.11 To approve candidates for membership and to terminate membership of any persons who remain in arrears in respect of any debt to the Club.
16.3.12 To settle all complaints and matters in dispute between members, officials and or employees of the Club on condition that the Committee is requested to do so by one or more of the persons concerned. In such cases the complaint and contents must be in writing. Any person concerned with such a matter may appeal against the decisions of the Committee and thereby refer such matter to the Annual General Meeting of the Club provided that notice of the intention to appeal is given to the official responsible within 14 days of the decision of the Committee.
16.3.13 To formulate any local rules regulating play. These regulations shall be placed on the notice-board and may at the consideration by the Committee be implemented at any time.
16.3.14 To draw up a statement of Income and Expenditure and a Capital Budget to be presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval.
16.3.15 To keep acceptable Financial records and a Register of Membership.
16.3.16 To acquire, purchase, sell, let, hire and/or mortgage any immovable property, subject to the approval of not less than two thirds of the members with voting rights present at a Special General Meeting or an Annual General Meeting.
17.1 General Meetings of the Club shall consist of
17.1.1 Annual General Meetings; and
17.1.2 Special General Meetings.
17.2 Annual General Meetings
The Financial Year End shall be 28 February where after the Annual General Meeting will be held at a time and place as determined by the Committee, but no later than 30 April of each year. The Committee shall present properly audited financial statements of the Club together with a report on the Club’s activities.
17.3 Special General Meetings
A Special General Meeting may be called upon receipt of a written request. Such request must be signed, and simultaneously include the names, by no less than 25 ordinary members, or at the request of the Committee. Clarification must be given for the reason for convening such meetings. At the Special General Meeting only such motions for which such a meeting has been convened will be discussed. No new items will be entertainedand no discussions will be permitted on items that are not included on the agenda.
17.4 Notice of General Meetings
A notice indicating the day, time, place and matters arising on the agenda for the General Meetings shall be placed on the notice-board of the club 21 days before the Annual General Meeting and seven days before the Special General Meeting. It is preferable, but not essential that each voting member of the Club receive such notification per post.
17.5 Quorum at General Meetings
A quorum at any General Meeting is twenty five voting Members and no meetings can be held without such quorum. Should a quorum not be present within fifteen minutes of the proposed time of the meeting, the meeting will be adjourned to the same time and place the following week. The Members who are present at this second meeting shall form a quorum and the meeting will be formally constituted.
17.6 Powers and Procedures of a General Meeting
17.6.1 A General Meeting may be empowered by voting on any agenda points without overruling the powers vested in the Committee. Where such ruling is in conflict with any decision of the Committee, the General Meeting is empowered to refer the matter back to the Committee for reconsideration.
17.6.2 The General Meeting has the power to ratify the Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions as determined by the Committee and to formulate the conditions applicable to the admission of visitors.
17.6.3 The Annual General Meeting elects the President, Vice-President as well as the Committee in compliance with the regulations as set out in this Constitution.
17.6.4 The Annual General Meeting will elect an auditor and determine the remuneration in respect of the previous year’s auditing.
17.6.5 The Annual General Meeting is empowered to ratify an Honorary President, Honorary-Life Members, Life Members and Honorary Members.
17.6.6 The Annual General Meeting shall ratify the Income and Expenditure and Capital Budgets of the Club for the new financial year.
17.6.7 Any additional matters which members wish to have under consideration on the Agenda must be handed to the responsible official of the Club fourteen days prior to the meeting.
17.6.8 The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting shall be read and approved at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting. In the event of the Annual General Meeting, the Report of the Committee and the Financial Statements of the previous meeting shall be dealt with immediately thereafter.
17.6.9 No motions may be tabled on the agenda under the item “General Discussion”.
17.7 Voting at General Meetings
17.7.1 Only Life Members, Honorary Life Members and Ordinary Members may be entitled to vote at General Meetings although other members are entitled to attend the meeting and may be permitted to address members at the discretion of the Chairman.
17.7.2 All votes shall be by a show of hands, except when five or more voting members present request that such vote shall be by means of a ballot paper. In all instances, the Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie.
18.1 A Sub-Committee which shall be designated as a Disciplinary Committee shall assume responsibility for Club discipline. The Disciplinary Committee shall be appointed by the Committee and have the authority to investigate all disciplinary matters and to make recommendations to the Committee as to action to be taken. Should any member be in breach of, or be suspected of being in breach of, the rules, bylaws and regulations of the Club; or behave in an improper, unseemly, unbecoming, discourteous, or un-sportsmanlike manner, or fail to pay, after proper notice, any monies or dues owed to the Club, or Club Officials, or workers; or is guilty of any action which is deemed to be in conflict with the interests of the Club, be this either in or outside of the Club premises, such member will be liable to disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee as follows:
18.1.1 The member concerned will be informed in writing of the complaint against him/her and be given at least seven days to appear before the Disciplinary Committee in order to defend him/herself against such complaint.
18.1.2 Once the case has been thoroughly investigated by the Disciplinary Committee, a recommendation will be made to the Committee with regard to the appropriate action to be taken.
18.1.3 Offences of a minor nature will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee directly after approval has been obtained from the Committee. All offences will nevertheless be reported to the Committee.
18.2 Upon receipt of the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee, the Committee has the right to:
18.2.1 Censure the member concerned.
18.2.2 Advise the member concerned either telephonically or in writing to appear before the committee to give explanation of his/her actions. Such notice shall also be delivered at least seven working days prior to the meeting. Should the member fail to comply with such a request, his/her membership may have his/her membership terminated, or have appropriate disciplinary action taken against him/her.
18.2.3 The member concerned may be temporarily suspended or have his privileges as a member of the Club withdrawn for a period of time as determined by the Committee.
18.2.4 The membership of such member may be terminated, subject to a two thirds majority vote by the Committee members present at such meeting.
18.3 A member whose membership is terminated in accordance with Rule 18 is not entitled to any refund of any fees or subscriptions. No member shall have his membership terminated being given the opportunity to appear before the Sub-Committee of the Club concerned. The Committee’s decision regarding any disciplinary action, as described under Rule 18 is final, and the member concerned is not entitled to refer such a matter to any Special General Meeting.
Any member who resigns from the Club must do so in writing before 28 February, failing which he/she shall be liable for a pro rata subscription fee for the year in which he/she resigns.
Amendments to the regulations of this Constitution may only be made at a Special or General Meeting, with the approval of no less than two thirds of the majority of voting members present. The procedure for such a meeting as described in Article 17 above must be adhered to at all times.
21.1 Any member of the Club is entitled to lodge a complaint regarding any aspect of the Club, on condition that such complaint is forwarded to the responsible official of the Club in writing.
21.2 The unauthorised playing of any game of any description is prohibited on the property of the Club.
21.3 Any correspondence, from the Club, be they accounts or notices shall be posted by electronic mail to his/her last known address. The posting of such correspondence shall
be deemed to comply with the regulations of the Constitution. Notice of payments in arrears or any correspondence that could lead to the suspension of membership must be posted by registered mail and receipts for such postage must be retained by the responsible official.
21.4 All Cups and Trophies will remain the property of the Club unless otherwise stipulated. Holders of Cups and Trophies will be held responsible for the return these items whilst to the Club ten months after they have been awarded.
21.5 Afrikaans and English shall enjoy equal status but should a dispute arise regarding the interpretation between English and Afrikaans, the Afrikaans version thereof shall be deemed to be correct unless such interpretation can be determined in a different way than that set out. Such disputes will be referred to the Committee for final resolution and the Committee shall in certain instances have final and binding jurisdiction and no appeal will be entertained in this regard.
(Soos gewysig op 13 Desember 2019)
Die naam van die Klub is Kleinmond Gholfklub.
Die Klub sal uit minstens 35 gewone lede bestaan. (Soos omskrywe in Artikel 10 van die Grondwet.)
Die woord “Klub” wat in hierdie Grondwet gebruik word, sal die Klubhuis, Klubpersoneel, Klubtoerusting en Klubgronde insluit en die term “lid” sal dames en mans insluit.
4.1 Die Klub sal ‘n regspersoon en entiteit afsonderlik van sy lede wees.
4.2 Die Klub sal die eienaar van sy eie bates wees en sal geregtig wees om in sy eie naam:
4.2.1 as Klaer, Verweerder, Aansoeker of Respondent in enige wetlike handelswyse wat op homself betrekking het op te tree;
4.2.2 enige vaste of roerende eiendom te besit en enige regshandeling daaromtrent aan te gaan;
4.2.3 sy eie sake en besigheid te bestuur;
4.2.4 geskenke en bydraes van enige soort te aanvaar en te ontvang;
4.2.5 enige fondse waaroor dit mag beskik, uit te leen of te belê;
4.2.6 lenings van enige soort aan te gaan en sodanige sekuriteit daarvoor te gee as wat nodig mag wees; en
4.2.7 enige vaste of roerende eiendom te huur.
Die Klub word gestig:
5.1 om die bona fides en algemene doelwitte en funksies van ‘n Gholfklub en Sportklub te beoefen en om sulke aktiwiteite te onderneem as wat redelikerwys nodig en/of insidenteel tot sulke doelwitte is;
5.2 om grond en/of toerusting, toepaslik vir die doel en funksie van die Klub, te huur en/of aan te koop;
5.3 om, in ooreenstemming met die voorwaardes van die heersende Drankwet, drank, minerale/borrelwater, sigare, sigarette, tabak, vuurhoutjies, ander verwante goedere en gholftoerusting te verkoop of daarmee handel te dryf asook restaurant/snoepwinkel te bedryf en om die nodige statutêre, provinsiale en munisipale lisensies en permitte vir bogenoemde te bekom; en
5.4 om geaffilieerd te wees by die betrokke Gholfunies van die streek.
Alle bates, fondse en winste van die Klub sal aangewend word vir uitsluitlike voordeel van die Klub en nie vir die voordeel van enige individu nie.
Die reëls van die spel van gholf sal die wees van die “Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R & A Rules Limited”, onderworpe, egter, aan sulke wysigings, veranderings en byvoegings as wat nodig is om die plaaslike omstandighede en toestande volgens die oordeel van die Komitee te pas, met dien verstande dat sulke wysigings, veranderings of byvoegings nie teenstrydig met voorgenoemde reëls sal wees nie.
Geen persoon wat binne ‘n radius van 140 kilometer vanaf die Klubhuis bly kan as ere-, tydelike- of wederkerigheidslid van die Klub verkiesbaar wees nie, behalwe waar:
8.1 so ‘n persoon ‘n openbare amp beklee of ‘n bona fide kandidaat vir lidmaatskap is of ‘n besonderse voordeel of diens aan die Klub gelewer het; of
8.2 by besluit van die Komitee die voorregte van lidmaatskap aan so iemand toegestaan word terwyl hy aan ‘n wedstryd of kompetisie deelneem.
Toepassing van hierdie Grondwet is onderhewig aan die bepalings van die Drankwet, soos van tyd tot tyd gewysig of aangevul. In geval enige bepalings van die Grondwet strydig is of word met enige sodanige bepaling van die Drankwet, sal sodanige bepaling van gemelde Wet, vir sover dit nodig mag wees, outomaties op die Klub van toepassing wees en as inbegrepe by hierdie Grondwet beskou word.
In ooreenstemming met die bepalings van die Drankwet, kan lidmaatskap van die Klub uit die volgende lede bestaan:
10.1 Ere-President
Die komitee mag een of meer Ere-Presidente verkies. ‘n Ere-President en sy dienstydperk word deur die Komitee aanbeveel en moet deur die lede op ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering bekragtig word.
10.2 Ere-Lewenslange Lede
Die Komitee mag enige persoon wat, na mening van die Komitee, ‘n besondere diens aan die Klub gelewer het, nooi om ‘n Ere-Lewenslange lid van die Klub te word. Die komitee moet die aanbeveling voorlê by ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering vir bekragtiging deur die lede.
10.3 Ander Ere-Lede
Die Komitee mag enige persoon nooi om ‘n Ere-lid van die Klub te word op sulke terme en vir so ‘n tydperk as wat die Komitee bepaal. So ‘n Ere-lidmaatskap sal nie ‘n tydperk van een jaar oorskry nie, tensy die Komitee die Ere-lidmaatskap aan die einde van so ‘n jaar hernu. Die aanstelling moet deur die lede tydens ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering bekragtig word.
10.4 Gewone Lede (Volle Lede)
Gewone lede moet aan die voorskrifte voldoen soos in Artikel 11 van die Grondwet uiteengesit word, ten einde lidmaatskap te bekom. Gewone lede sal geregtig wees op die volle voordele en fasiliteite van die Klub en mag stem op alle Algemene Vergaderings. Volle intreegelde, jaarlikse ledegelde en enige ander fooie wat vereis word, moet opbetaal wees.
10.5 Buite Lede
Enige persoon wat ‘n volle lid van enige ander klub is en permanent woonagtig is buite ‘n radius van 140 kilometer van die Klubhuis, is verkiesbaar as ‘n buitelid. So ‘n lid moet die toepaslike fooie en ledegelde betaal en sal nie stemreg op Algemene Vergaderings hê nie.
10.6 Tydelike Lede
Die Komitee mag tydelike voorregte van lidmaatskap verleen aan enige persoon wat:
10.6.1 ‘n bona fide kandidaat vir toelating tot die Klub is en wie se aansoek om lidmaatskap nog nie deur die Komitee bekragtig is nie: of
10.6.2 ‘n bona fide deelnemer aan ‘n wedstryd of kompetisie op die baan is waarvoor hy/sy die voorgeskrewe fooie betaal het. Dit geld vir die tydperk waarvoor die fooie vasgestel is.
10.7 Besoekende Lede
10.7.1 Besoekende spelers: ‘n Besoeker aan die Klub wat ‘n lid is van ‘n erkende gholfklub kan as ‘n besoeker geklassifiseer word wanneer hy/sy die voorgeskrewe speelfooi betaal het. So ‘n persoon word dan geregtig op die voorregte van ‘n tydelike lid vir die periode wat deur die bepaalde fooi gedek word.
10.7.2 Sosiale besoekers: ‘n Sosiale besoeker wat van die geriewe van die Klub wil gebruik maak moet deur ‘n lid van die Klub in die besoekersboek ingeteken word en die lid is verantwoordelik vir die besoeker.
10.8 Afwesige Lede
Dit is lede wat die Republiek van Suid- Afrika verlaat of tydelik elders in die RSA verplaas word vir ‘n periode van minstens 12 maande. So ‘n lid kan aansoek doen om ‘n korting van ledegeld en die uitslag van so ‘n aansoek is onderworpe aan die diskresie van die Komitee.
10.9 Nie-Spelende Lede (Sosiale Lede)
Sulke lede mag die geriewe van die Klub gebruik maar het geen stemreg nie en sal nie toegelaat word om die gholffasiliteite te gebruik sonder betaling van die baanfooie soos deur die Komitee bepaal word. Geen voorgee sal aan nie-spelende lede toegeken word nie. Nie-spelende lede moet ook aan die voorgeskrewe vereistes voldoen soos in Artikel 11 van die Grondwet bepaal word.
10.10 Skoliere- en Studentelede
Skoliere- en Studentelede moet aan die vereistes soos in Artikel 11 van die Grondwet uiteengesit voldoen om lidmaatskap te bekom. Skoliere en Studente lede mag van die Klub se fasiliteite gebruik maak, behalwe waar die Drankwet sodanige gebruik verbied. Intreegelde, ledegelde en speelfooie sal deur die Komitee bepaal word. Skoliere en Studente lede moet jaarliks aansoek doen met bewyslewering van skolier/studente status. Wanneer lidmaatskap verval moet aansoek gedoen word om volle lidmaatskap. Intreegelde sal deur die Komitee bepaal word.
10.11 Wederhelf-lede
Wederhelf-lede moet aan die vereistes soos in Artikel 11 van die Grondwet uiteengesit, voldoen om lidmaatskap te bekom. Wederhelf-lede sal geregtig wees op die volle voordele en fasiliteite van die Klub en mag stem op alle Algemene Vergaderings. Volle intreegelde is betaalbaar en afslag op volle ledegeld sal deur die Komitee bepaal word.
10.12 Sakelede
Maatskappye wat landwyd sake doen mag aansoek doen vir sakelidmaatskap. Sodanige lidmaatskap bepaal dat die maatskappy jaarliks met betaling van die ledegeld sy verteenwoordigers moet benoem. Die Komitee bepaal die toepasbare fooie.
10.13 Lewenslange lede
Lewenslange lede is lede wat na aanleiding van ‘n versoek van die Komitee lewenslangelidmaatskap koop. Sodanige lede het alle regte soos Vollelede afhangende van of hul voorgee plaaslik bepaal word of nie.
10.14 Vyfdag lede
Vyfdag lede moet aan die vereistes soos in Artikel 11 van die Grondwet uiteengesit word, voldoen om lidmaatskap te bekom. Vyfdag lede kan slegs speel vanaf Maandag tot Vrydag. Volle intreegelde is betaalbaar. ‘n Afslag op jaargeld sal deur die Komitee bepaal word.
10.15 Senior Lidmaatskap
Klublede wat tussen 65 en 70 jaar oud en ten minste tien jaar ononderbroke lede van die Klub is, kwalifiseer vir Senior Lidmaatskap. Afslag op jaarlikse ledegeld sal deur die Komitee bepaal word.
10.16 Veteraan-Lidmaatskap
Klublede van 70 jaar en ouer kwalifiseer vir Veteraan-Lidmaatskap. Afslag op jaarlikse ledegeld sal ceur die Komitee bepaal word.
10.17 Ex-officio lede
Die Komitee, na goeddunke, het die reg om lidmaatskap toe te staan of te onttrek aan enige amptelike werknemer van die klub. Diensbeëindiging sal ex officio lidmaatskap beëindig. Ex - officio lede is geregtig op sulke voorregte as wat van tyd tot tyd bepaal word deur die Komitee
11.1 Aansoek om lidmaatskap moet skriftelik op die voorgeskrewe vorm gedoen word en vergesel word van die intreefooi sowel as die eerste jaar se ledegeld.
11.2 Elke kandidaat vir lidmaatskap sal deur een lewens- of gewone lid voorgestel en deur een lewens- of gewone lid gesekondeer word. Die voorstellers en/of sekondante van die kandidaat moet minstens twee komiteelede tevrede stel met die aanvaarbaarheid van die kandidaat en hom ook aan hierdie twee komiteelede voorstel. Genoemde
komiteelede moet die aansoekvorm onderteken om aan te toon dat hierdie prosedures wel nagekom is.
11.3 ‘n Kandidaat wat op bogenoemde wyse, verkies is, sal amptelik daarvan in kennis gestel word en kan van ‘n afskrif van hierdie Grondwet voorsien word. Indien ‘n kandidaat se aansoek onsuksesvol is sal sy betaling ooreenkomstig Artikel 11.1, terugbetaal word.
11.4 Die handtekening van enige aansoeker om lidmaatskap op die voorgeskrewe aansoekvorm word beskou as ‘n duidelike erkenning van die aansoeker dat hy/sy homself/haarself beskou as gebind deur die regulasies van hierdie Grondwet. Dit geld vir reeds bestaande sowel as toekomstige regulasie wat deur die Komitee gemaak mag word en geen persoon sal vir enige oortreding van hierdie regulasies verskoon word op grond van nie-ontvangs van die Grondwet nie.
11.5 Indien dit te enige tyd sou blyk dat ‘n lid na aanleiding van enige vorm van vals inligting lidmaatskap van die Klub verkry het, kan die Komitee sodanige persoon se lidmaatskap summier beëindig. Volgens die diskressie van die Komitee, kan so ‘n persoon ‘n gedeelte van sy intreegeld terug ontvang, indien enige.
11.6 Terugbetaling van intreegeld en/of jaargeld of gedeeltes daarvan by die normale bedanking van ‘n lid is ‘n voorreg en nie ‘n reg nie en die bedrag, indien enige, van so ‘n terugbetaling, is volgens die diskressie van die Komitee.
11.7 Die Komitee het die reg om in sy diskressie die aansoeker om lidmaatskap te versoek om persoonlik voor die Komitee te verskyn ten einde sy/haar aansoek te oorweeg.
12.1 Die intree- en jaargelde wat vir die verskillende lidmaatskapkategorieë betaalbaar is, sal van tyd tot tyd deur die Komitee vasgestel word en by die volgende Algemene Jaarvergadering bekragtig word.
12.2 Die jaargeld vir lede wat laat in die jaar by die Klub aansluit, word deur die Komitee vasgestel.
12.3 Jaargelde is elke jaar voor of op 1 Maart betaalbaar.
12.4 Indien die jaargeld van ‘n lid nie voor of op die laaste dag van Maart betaal is nie, moet die Komitee, in ooreenstemming met die bepalings van die Drankwet, die lidmaatskap van so ‘n lid beëindig.
12.5 Die Klubbestuurder moet die name van persone wie se jaargelde nie teen die laaste dag van Maart betaal is nie, aan die Komitee voorlê. Hierdie persone sal skriftelik van die beëindiging van sy/haar lidmaatskap verwittig word.
12.6 Die komitee kan die intreegelde en jaargelde vir alle lidmaatskapkategorieë, ‘n bepaalde amp of lidmaatskaptermyn opskort of verleng. Sodanige verandering moet tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering deur die lede bekragtig word.
13.1 Indien daar meer as 12 vroulike gewone lede aan die Klub behoort, kan ‘n Damesafdeling gevorm word.
13.2 Lidmaatskap van die damesafdeling bestaan uit dieselfde kategorieë soos in Artikel 10 van hierdie Grondwet uiteengesit en die verkiesing van vroulike lede geskied soos deur Artikel 11 bepaal word.
13.3 Die Dameskaptein word op die Algemene Jaarvergadersing verkies
13.3.1 Die Dameskaptein wys ʼn Onderkaptein en drie bykomende dameslede aan wat saam met haar die Dameskomitee vorm, en wat
13.3.2 verslag doen en besluite neem oor sake van belang vir die Damesafdeling.
13.4 Die Dameskomitee het die reg om toepaslike reëls vas te stel en die Damesafdeling te bestuur en reguleer, maar sulke reëls en besluite mag nie in stryd wees met enigiets wat deur hierdie Konstitusie bepaal word nie.
14.1 Die verantwoordelike beampte van die Klub sal ‘n amptelike register met die naam en adres van elke klublid byhou.
14.2 Algemene kennisgewings aan lede sal op die Klub se kennisgewingbord aangebring word en dit sal as voldoende kennisgewing aan elke individuele klublid beskou word.
14.3 ‘n Spesiale kennisgewing aan lede sal as bevredigend afgelewer beskou word indien dit gepos is na die adres wat in voorgenoemde register aangeteken is.
14.4 Dit is die plig van elke klublid om sy adresverandering(s) onmiddellik by die Klub aan te meld.
15.1 Samestelling
15.1.1 Die Komitee
(a) Die Klub sal beheer word deur ‘n Komitee wat sal bestaan uit die volgende ampsdraers:
(i) President
(ii) Vise-president
(iii) Klubkaptein
(iv) Vise-kaptein
(v) Dameskapteine
(vi) Tesourier
(vii) 5 Bykomende lede
(b) Die Komitee sal onder voorsitterskap van die Klubkaptein staan. Indien die Klubkaptein afwesig is sal die Vise-kaptein as voorsitter dien. Waar albei persone afwesig is moet ‘n voorsitter vanuit die teenwoordige komiteelede gekies word.
(c) ‘n Meerderheid van stemme tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering sal die lede van die Komitee bepaal.
(d) Die Komitee mag ‘n persoon addisioneel tot die Komitee koöpteer. Sodanige gekoöpteerde lid sal egter geen stemreg op hierdie vergaderings hê nie.
(e) Waar ‘n lid van die Komitee bedank of die Komitee verlaat, mag die Komitee ‘n lid in sy plek koöpteer. In hierdie geval sal sodanige gekoöpteerde lid volle stemreg hê en die res van die termyn van die persoon wat hy vervang, voltooi.
(f) ‘n Genomineerde vir ‘n amp op die Komitee moet ‘n volle lid, lewenslange-lid of ere-lewenslange lid van die Klub wees.
15.1.2 Die Ampte
(a) Die President
(i) Die President is verkiesbaar vir ‘n periode van 2 jaar.
(ii) Die President moet as die voorsitter van alle Algemene Vergaderings optree. Waar die President afwesig is tydens ‘n Algemene Vergadering moet die Vise-president as voorsitter optree.
(b) Die Vise-president
(i) Die Vise-president is verkiesbaar vir ‘n periode van 2 jaar.
(ii) Waar die President afwesig is tydens ‘n Algemene Vergadering moet die Vise-president as voorsitter optree.
(c) Die Klubkaptein
(i) Die Klubkaptein is verkiesbaar vir ‘n periode van 1 jaar.
(ii) Die Klubkaptein dien as voorsitter van alle komitee vergaderings en het sitting met volle stemreg op alle subkomitee vergaderings.
(d) Die Vise-kaptein
(i) Die Vise-kaptein word jaarliks verkies.
(ii) Die Vise-kaptein moet waarneem as voorsitter van die komitee vergaderings waar die Kaptein afwesig is.
(e) Tesourier
Die Tesourier word jaarliks verkies.
(f) Addisionele lede
Addisionele lede word jaarliks verkies.
(g) Dames-Kaptein
Die Dames-Kaptein word jaarliks verkies.
15.2 Verkiesing van die Komitee
15.2.1 Lede van die Komitee word tydens die Algemene Jaarvergadering, deur middel van die meerderheid van stemme, deur die volle-, lewenslang- en ere-lewenslange lede van die Klub verkies.
15.2.2 Kandidate vir die verkiesing word skriftelik deur ‘n voorsteller en sekondant benoem en die benoeming word skriftelik deur die kandidaat aanvaar. Sodanige benoeming moet minstens 7 dae voor die aanvang van die Algemene Jaarvergadering op die Klub se kennisgewingborde aangebring word.
15.2.3 Kandidate, voorstellers en sekondante moet volle lede, lewenslang-lede of ere-lewenslange lede van die Klub wees.
15.2.4 Uittredende bestuurslede is herkiesbaar sonder dat hulle genomineer hoef te word.
15.3 Prosedures van Komiteevergaderings
15.3.1 Die Komitee sal gereeld vergaderings hou en sal enige lid wat drie agtereenvolgende vergaderings sonder verlof tot afwesigheid misloop uit sy amp onthef.
15.3.2 By Komiteevergaderings sal vier verkose lede ‘n kworum vorm.
15.3.3 Die Kaptein is die voorsitter, of in sy afwesigheid, die Vise-Kaptein. Indien albei afwesig is, moet ‘n voorsitter uit die geledere van die aanwesige lede verkies word.
15.3.4 Geskilpunte wat tydens Komiteevergaderings ontstaan, moet deur middel van ‘n meerderheidstem besleg word. Die Voorsitter het ‘n beslissende stem tydens staking van stemme.
15.3.5 Die Sekretaris, wat by die eerste vergadering van ‘n nuwe Komitee aangewys word, sal deeglik notule hou van alle besluite wat deur die Komitee geneem word. Hierdie notule word in ‘n spesiale notuleboek gehou en elke goedgekeurde notule word deur die Voorsitter en die Sekretaris onderteken.
16.1 Die Beheer en bestuur van die Klub
16.1.1 Die bestuur van die Klub sy sake en die uitvoering van die oogmerke waarvoor dit gestig is, setel in die Komitee, wat alle sodanige magte van die Klub mag uitoefen, uitgesonderd die wat hierdie Grondwet aan die Algemene Vergadering van die Klub opdra. Geen sodanige voorskrif maak egter enige voorafgaande Komiteebesluit ongeldig verklaar wat geldig geneem was nie.
16.1.2 Die Komitee mag van tyd tot tyd enige persoon, ongeag of hy/sy lid van die Klub is of nie, koöpteer as assessorlid van die Komitee om hom behulpsaam te wees in die oorweging van ‘n saak of sake voortspruitend uit die Klub se aktiwiteite. ‘n Persoon aldus gekoöpteer, is geregtig om deel te neem aan vergaderings en ander Komiteeverrigtinge, en het die regte van ‘n Komiteelid wat die Komitee mag bepaal, behalwe dat hy nie geregtig sal wees om op Komiteevergaderings te stem nie.
16.2 Delegasie
Na goeddunke mag die Komitee enige van sy magte delegeer aan ‘n subkomitee, saamgestel uit een of meer van sy lede en/of lede van die Klub. ‘n Subkomitee moet in die uitvoering van magte aldus aan hom gedelegeer, voldoen aan die voorskrifte deur die Komitee neergelê, maar sal andersins self sy verrigtinge en optrede binne die regulasies van hierdie Grondwet bepaal. Die Kaptein is ex officio lid van alle subkomitees.
16.3 Bevoegdheid
Sonder om afbreek te doen aan die algemeenheid van die Komitee se magte, word hy ook beklee met die volgende bevoegdhede:
16.3.1 Om sodanige bank-, spaarbank- of ander rekeninge by goedgekeurde finansiële instellings te open en daarmee te handel soos wat bepaal mag word en om wissels, promesses, tjeks en ander verhandelbare of oordraagbare instrumente te trek, te teken, aan te neem, te endosseer, te verdiskonteer en uit te reik. Alle tjeks en ander dokumente wat betrekking het op die finansies of eiendom van die Klub, moet deur twee van die drie persone wat deur die Komitee benoem is, onderteken word.
16.3.2 Om Klubfondse aan te wend en te bestuur binne die raamwerk van die Inkomste- en Uitgawe- en die Kapitale Begroting, met dien verstande dat veranderinge aan die uitleg van die baan en strukturele veranderinge aan die geboue van die Klub goedgekeur moet word deur nie minder nie as twee-derdes van die aanwesige, stemgeregtigde lede by ‘n Spesiale Vergadering of Algemene Vergadering. Die Komitee het die reg om namens die Klub, geld by finansiële instellings te leen om bogenoemde doel te bevredig.
16.3.3 Om regulasies wat nodig is vir die bestuur van die Klub neer te lê, te wysig of te herroep, mits sodanige regulasies, wysigings of herroepings op die Klub se kennisgewingbord aangebring word minstens 14 dae voordat dit van krag word.
16.3.4 Om in die naam van die Klub of in verband met enige saak wat die Klub se belange raak, regsgedinge, aksies, prosesse, eise, aanmanings, of apêlle in te stel, te
verdedig, deur te voer, ‘n kompromie daaromtrent aan te gaan, te laat vaar of vir arbitrasie te verwys.
16.3.5 Om alle toerusting en alle voorraad, vloeistof en vaste stowwe, wat deur persone wat die Klub gebruik verlang word, aan te koop, te verkoop en daarin handel te dryf en ook om die besigheid van ‘n restaurant en/of verversingskamers te bedryf of te laat bedryf.
16.3.6 Om enige amptenaar en/of werker van die Klub aan te stel, te skors of af te dank en om hulle salarisse, byvoordele en pligstate te bepaal en die nodige opleiding te verskaf.
16.3.7 Die Komitee het die volle mag om alle fooie en gelde te bepaal.
16.3.8 Om toestemming aan nie-lede te verleen om die Klub te gebruik onder sulke voorwaardes soos deur die Komitee binne sy magte bepaal is of toestemming te weier binne die diskressie van die Komitee.
16.3.9 Om kompetisies en toernooie te reël en te hou en om enige spesiale reëlings daarvoor te tref.
16.3.10 Om die voorwaardes van wederkerigheid met ander Klubs te reël.
16.3.11 Om kandidate vir toelating tot lidmaatskap te keur en om enige lid wat in gebreke gebly het om enige skuld, aan die Klub te betaal, se lidmaatskap te enige tyd te beëindig.
16.3.12 Om alle klagtes en twispunte wat tussen lede, amptenare en/of werkers van die Klub ontstaan te besleg op die voorwaarde dat die Komitee skriftelik daartoe versoek is deur een of meer van die betrokke persone. In sulke gevalle moet die inhoud van die klagte of die aard van die twis ook op skrif gestel word. Enige party wat in die twis of klagte betrokke is, mag teen die besluit van die Komitee appêlleer en dit sodoende na ‘n Algemene Vergadering van die Klub verwys op voorwaarde dat kennis van voorneme om te appêlleer binne 14 dae na die besluit van die Komitee aan die verantwoordelike beampte gegee word.
16.3.13 Om enige plaaslike regulasies te formuleer ten einde die spel te beheer. Hierdie regulasies moet op ‘n kennisgewingbord van die Klub aangebring word en kan na goeddunke van die Komitee te enige tyd gewysig word.
16.3.14 Om jaarliks ‘n Inkomste- en Uitgawe- en Kapitale Begrotings op te stel wat vir goedkeuring aan die Algemene Jaarvergadering voorgelê moet word.
16.3.15 Om aanvaarbare Finansiële rekords en lede registers te hou.
16.3.16 Om enige vaste eiendom te bekom, koop, verkoop, huur, verhuur en/of verpand, onderworpe aan die goedkeuring van nie minder nie as twee-derdes van die aanwesige, stemgeregtigde lede by ‘n Spesiale Vergadering of Algemene Jaarvergadering.
17.1 Algemene Vergaderings van die Klub bestaan uit
17.1.1 Algemene Jaarvergaderings; en
17.1.2 Spesiale Algemene Vergaderings.
17.2 Algemene Jaarvergaderings
Die finansiële jaar sal elke jaar op 28 Februarie eindig waarna die Algemene Jaarvergadering sal plaasvind op ‘n tyd en plek soos deur die Komitee bepaal, in elk geval nie later as 30 April van elke jaar nie. By hierdie vergadering sal die Komitee behoorlik ge-ouditeerde finansiële state van die Klub asook verslag oor Klubaktiwiteite indien.
17.3 Spesiale Algemene Vergaderings
So ‘n vergadering word belê nadat ‘n geskrewe versoek daartoe ontvang is. So ‘n versoek moet deur minstens 25 gewone lede met name en handtekening onderteken wees, of op versoek van die Komitee en moet ook die doelwitte van die beoogde vergaderings duidelik uitspel. Op die Spesiale Algemene Vergadering word slegs die punte waarvoor dit belê is, behandel. Geen nuwe punte word aanvaar nie en geen bespreking buite die agendapunte word toegelaat nie.
17.4 Kennisgewing vir Algemene Vergaderings
‘n Kennisgewing ten opsigte van die dag, uur, plek en agendapunte vir Algemene Vergaderings sal 21 dae voor die Algemene Jaarvergadering en sewe dae voor die Spesiale Algemene Vergadering op die kennisgewingbord van die Klub aangebring word. Dit is verkieslik, maar nie noodsaaklik nie, dat elke stemgeregtigde lid van die Klub ‘n soortgelyke kennisgewing per pos sal ontvang.
17.5 Kworum by Algemene Vergaderings
‘n Kworum by enige Algemene Vergadering is 25 stemgeregtigde lede en geen vergaderings kan gehou word indien ‘n kworum nie aanwesig is nie. Indien ‘n kworum nie 15 minute na die bestemde aanvangstyd van die vergadering verkry is nie, sal die vergadering verdaag vir dieselfde tyd en plek die volgende week. Die lede wat by hierdie tweede vergadering aanwesig is, sal ‘n kworum vorm en die vergadering sal afgehandel word.
17.6 Magte en Prosedures van ‘n Algemene Vergadering
17.6.1 ‘n Algemene Vergadering mag deur middel van stemming besluite ten opsigte van enige van die betrokke agendapunte neem sonder om die magte van die Komitee te oorstem. Waar so ‘n stemming indruis teen die besluite van die Komitee, kan die Algemene Vergadering die betrokke saak vir heroorweging na die Komitee terugverwys.
17.6.2 ‘n Algemene Vergadering het die mag om intreegelde en jaargelde soos bepaal deur die Komitee te bekragtig en om die regulasies ten opsigte van toelating van besoekers te formuleer.
17.6.3 Die Algemene Jaarvergadering kies die President, en Vise-president sowel as die Komitee volgens die regulasies soos in hierdie Grondwet uiteengesit.
17.6.4 Die Algemene Jaarvergadering kies ‘n ouditeur en bepaal die vergoeding ten opsigte van die afgelope jaar se ouditering.
17.6.5 Die Algemene Jaarvergadering bekragtig ‘n Ere-President, Ere-lewenslange lede, Lewenslange-lede en ere-lede.
17.6.6 Die Algemene Jaarvergadering bekragtig die Inkomste- en Uitgawe- en Kapitale begroting van die Klub vir die nuwe finansiële jaar.
17.6.7 Enige bykomende agendapunte wat lede op die Algemene Jaarvergadering wil bespreek, moet by die verantwoordelike beampte van die Klub skriftelik ingehandig word 14 dae voor die vergadering.
17.6.8 By die aanvang van die Algemene Jaarvergadering moet die notule van die vorige Algemene Jaarvergadering gelees en goedgekeur word. In die geval van die Algemene Jaarvergadering moet die Komiteeverslag en finansiële state van die vorige finansiële jaar daarna behandel word.
17.6.9 Onder “Algemene Bespreking” mag geen mosies behandel word nie.
17.7 Stemming by Algemene Vergadering
17.7.1 Slegs lewenslange-lede, Ere-lewenslange lede en gewone lede mag by Algemene Vergaderings stem maar ander lede mag die vergadering bywoon en mag deur die Voorsitter toegelaat word om ‘n spreukbeurt te kry.
17.7.2 Elke besluitneming deur die vergadering moet deur middel van die opsteek van hande gedoen word tensy minstens vyf aanwesige, stemgeregtigde lede vra dat dit met stembriewe gedoen moet word, waarna die vergadering deur middel van stembriewe moet stem. In alle gevalle het die Voorsitter ‘n beslissende stem in geval van staking van stemme.
18.1 ‘n Subkomitee, genoem Dissiplinêre Komitee, sal vir die dissipline in die Klub verantwoordelik wees. Die Dissiplinêre Komitee word deur die Komitee aangewys en het die bevoegdheid om elke betrokke dissiplinêre aangeleentheid te ondersoek en ‘n aanbeveling tot optrede tot die Komitee te maak. Indien enige lid enige van die reëls en/of byreëls en/of regulasies van die Klub oortree of verbreek, of homself/haarself skuldig maak aan onbetaamlike, onbehoorlike, onsportiewe, onwellewende of ongemanierde gedrag, of in gebreke bly om enige skulde aan die Klub of Klubamptenare of –werkers na behoorlike kennisgewing te betaal, of skuldig is aan optrede wat teen die belange van die Klub indruis hetsy binne of buite die Klub se gebied, sal die aangeleentheid deur die Dissiplinêre Komitee as volg hanteer word:
18.1.1 Die betrokke lid word skriftelik verwittig van die aanklag teen hom/haar en minstens 7 werksdae gegee om voor die Dissiplinêre Komitee te verskyn ten einde hom/haar teen die aanklag te verdedig.
18.1.2 Nadat die saak breedvoerig deur die Dissiplinêre Komitee ondersoek is, sal ‘n aanbeveling vir optrede aan die Komitee gedoen word.
18.1.3 Kleiner, beboetbare oortredings word deur die Dissiplinêre Komitee self afgehandel nadat goedkeuring daartoe deur die Komitee verleen is. Alle oortredings sal nogtans aan die Komitee gerapporteer word.
18.2 Na die ontvangs van die aanbeveling van die Dissiplinêre Komitee, het die Komitee die mag om:
18.2.1 Die betrokke lid te berispe.
18.2.2 Die betrokke lid weer skriftelik of telefonies in kennis te stel om voor die Komitee te verskyn om sy/haar optrede te verduidelik. Sodanige kennisgewing moet ook minstens 7 werksdae voor die vergadering plaasvind. Indien so ‘n lid nie aan hierdie versoek voldoen nie, mag hy/sy permanent geskors word, of paslik op ‘n ander wyse volgens die diskresie van die Komitee gestraf word.
18.2.3 Die betrokke lid tydelik van al sy voorregte as lid van die Klub te ontneem vir so ‘n tydperk as wat die Komitee mag bepaal.
18.2.4 Die betrokke lid permanent te skors, gegewe dat minstens twee-derdes van die aanwesige Komitee lede ten gunste van skorsing stem.
18.3 In geval waar ‘n lid onder reël 18 geskors word, het so ‘n lid geen reg tot terugbetaling van enige bydrae of fooi wat deur hom betaal is nie. Geen lid sal geskors word, tensy hy geleentheid gehad het om voor die betrokke subkomitee of Komitee van die Klub te verskyn nie. Die Komitee se besluit rakende enige dissiplinêre aksie, soos in reël 18 beskryf, is finaal en die betrokke lid kan hom/haar nie op ‘n Spesiale Algemene Vergadering beroep nie.
Enige lid wat uit die Klub bedank, moet dit skriftelik voor 28 Februarie doen, anders sal hy/sy verantwoordelik gehou word vir die pro rata jaargeld van die jaar waarin hy/sy bedank.
Veranderings aan die regulasies van hierdie Grondwet is slegs moontlik by ‘n Spesiale – of Algemene Vergadering indien minstens twee-derdes van die aanwesiges, stemgeregtigde lede daartoe instem. Die prosedures van so ‘n vergadering soos onder Artikel 17 hierbo beskryf, moet te alle tye nagekom word.
21.1 Enige lid van die Klub is geregtig om ‘n klagte oor enige aspek van die Klub aanhangig te maak, mits hy/sy dit skriftelik by die verantwoordelike beampte van die Klub indien.
21.2 Enige onwettige spel van watter aard ook al word ten strengste verbied op of in die eiendom van die Klub.
21.3 Enige skrywe, het sy rekenings of kennisgewings, aan ‘n lid sal aan sy /haar laasbekende adres gepos word met e-pos. Die pos daarvan sal as genoegsaam beskou word om aan die regulasies van die Grondwet te voldoen, kennisgewing in verband met agterstallige gelde of enige skrywe wat kan uitloop op die skorsing van ‘n lid moet egter per aangetekende pos gestuur word en die verantwoordelike beampte moet die kwitansie hou as bewys van afsending.
21.4 Alle bekers en trofeë bly die eiendom van die Klub tensy anders bepaal. Houers van bekers en trofeë sal verantwoordelik gehou word vir die terugbesorging daarvan 10 maande nadat dit gewen is.
21.5 Afrikaans en Engels sal gelyke regte hê, maar in geval van ‘n geskil omtrent verskillende interpretasies tussen Engels en Afrikaans, sal die Afrikaanse bewoording hiervan beskou word as korrek, tensy die stuk wat geïnterpreteer staan te word anders bepaal, of daar ander regulasies van interpretasie van toepassing op sodanige stuk mag wees. Sulke geskille word vir finale oplossing na die Komitee verwys en die Komitee se besluit in sulke gevalle sal finaal en bindend wees, en geen appêl daaromtrent sal aangehoor word nie.